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I currently serve as a program lead with international coverage in the Workplace Technology Business Experience team at Bank of NY Mellon, the nexus of innovation, real estate, and technology within the Fortune 500 bank.

Previously, I led the transformation of communication and employee collaboration at Morgan Stanley, evangelizing the roll-out and adoption of the Jive social collaboration platform; whereby today Jive is the most widely-adopted product ever introduced at the Fortune 500 bank (with over 60k active users daily).

Keen to see possibilities where others often can not, I find it easy to spot challenges, bottlenecks, and where things will breakdown into the future.

With finesse in execution and a knack for problem solving, I develop and implement creative solutions to those problems, in a way that creates measurable results for my clients.

I'm also a wife and mom to two young boys.

ENDORSEMENTSBusiness Testimonials

  • Jane K.

    Renee is a sharp thinker who always gets straight to the issue at hand. She is very detail-oriented, which results in great output.

  • Anthony G.

    I’ve worked with Renee on multiple critical initiatives in the financial services industry. She is a savvy leader with a proven record of driving innovation in execution-oriented organizations.

  • Tsvi G.

    Renee makes things happen.

  • Mark D.

    As a leader, Renee is able to identify customer needs, while encouraging individual growth. She has an outstanding ability to communicate ideas and is a very forward thinker.

  • Andrew S.

    Renee is a great asset to the team. I would recommend Renee without reservation.

  • Ryan S.

    I was facing a daunting social networking project, and needed someone whom I can trust to speak to our business leaders.

  • Eugene P.

    Renee has been an outstanding resource, going well beyond project requirements and surpassing already very high expectations. She is committed to the highest level of service.

  • Mike M.

    Renee has the unique ability to craft a game-changing strategy, while at the same time possesses the ability to implement and execute effective tactical programs to achieve impactful results.

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In addition to helping my clients with their corporate initiatives, I have authored and widely-disseminated hundreds of articles on the subjects of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and emerging global trends.

Having served as a trusted consultant to FOX Business and FOX News Live, I've often been found in the media discussing these very subjects.

Some of my prior media coverage can be found below.

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